Kim Gibbs

North Carolina-based artist Kim Gibbs creates incredibly textural paintings. She pushes, pulls, sprays, and throws her oil paint onto the canvas. It’s an emotive process, like dancing, that she uses to connect to the place and feel of her subject matter. Her work is done in series, exploring various subjects from figures to florals. Kim

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Susan C. Moore

Susan was born and raised in Charlotte.  When she was about 12, she spent a weekend with an older neighbor while her parents were out of town.  The woman was an artist, and not knowing how to entertain a 12 year old, she gave her a set of acrylic paints, some brushes, a metal lunch

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Marijke Moes

I retired 8 years ago and when a physical injury prevented me from playing tennis anymore I started painting. I have always been drawn to drawing and painting but started taking weekly lessons about 3 years ago. I absolutely love it. I became a member of the Rock Hill Artist Guild to stay up to

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Angela Lubinecky

When you look at my art you will find glimpses into where life has taken me. I was raised in a multicultural expatriate community in East Africa and was exposed to a variety of influences. Life and all its international flavors led to the basis of my visual expression of life. I was influenced by

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Anita McIntosh

Anita McIntosh has been drawing and painting since childhood, having been influenced by the artistry of her father. She completed a three-year course with the Famous Artists Schools of Westport, Connecticut, and has studied under Zolton Szabo, Jan Kunz and Shirley Landgraf. Her experience includes commercial art, design, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. She has concentrated

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Albert Dulin

A lifelong Charlotte native, I have a degree in painting from East Carolina University, with an intense study in drawing. I worked as art director in television and eventually moved into video and photography. My mother and grandmother were painters and sculptors, and from them I learned very early about form, color and technique, especially eye-to-hand drawing. I

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Tachi Dellinger

Water colorist, Tachi Dellinger, is a retired elementary teacher after 41 years in the classroom.  She began painting with watercolors during a mission  trip to Costa Rica about 15 years ago.  Her favorite things to paint are landscapes, trees, and angels.  She has also illustrated two books. Tachi wrote and illustrated “An Angel Finds Her

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Jan Boardman

Jan Boardman is an embroidery artist and creates beautiful designs and images on fabric. She has also studied Brazilian embroidery, which is a surface embroidery done in rayon thread developed in Brazil. She creates works of art that can be framed and displayed under glass, or featured on pillows, blankets and other textile products.

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