Albert Dulin

A lifelong Charlotte native, I have a degree in painting from East Carolina University, with an intense study in drawing. I worked as art director in television and eventually moved into video and photography.

My mother and grandmother were painters and sculptors, and from them I learned very early about form, color and technique, especially eye-to-hand drawing. I have always enjoyed life drawing and sketching from my imagination.

My particular focus is pointillism. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have produced around twenty pointillist drawings, all in India ink. The drawings tend to be on the surrealist and fantastic side, sometimes with a bent on humor and parody. Recently I have combined drawing with painting, using color pencil and watercolor. I work from photos that I have taken myself, sometimes combining images in Photoshop, which I use to compose the layouts of the pieces.

My focus now is to expand the size of my work, exploring color and wet media while continuing to use pointillism in new ways.