Jennie Winston

Jennie Grainger Winston is a native North Carolinian who seeks beauty. She works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. She began painting as a young child and never stopped. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Masters of Education in Art from UNC-Charlotte. She believes beauty brings joy to the artist in its creation as well as to those that take time to appreciate the art itself or the beauty of its inspiration.

Artist Statement:

Sometimes in the busyness of life we forget to pause to see the beauty all around us, not just a flower, but the strength and richness of the petal of a flower, not just the roaring ocean but the pearlescent inner shell of an awkward and humble oyster that tumbles upon our bare feet from that ocean, not just the forest, but the color of the sunlit bark on the trees in that forest, not just a face, but the beauty of a face that wears the innocence of youth or the creases of joy and sorrow that come with age. When I take time to look carefully, I see our world is abundantly beautiful. Through my art, I attempt to share God’s beauty that others may otherwise not have taken time to notice.